Clients Rave

Parent Testimonials…

“His progress has been remarkable in the short time that he has been coming here! With the concentrated effort that Brain Boost Academy has given Dominic, his grades have improved, his attitude has improved…he is reading more and he’s had a REALLY GOOD experience here!”
— Vince LaRocco

“As a parent it is heartbreaking to have to watch your child struggling to stay focused, and unable to complete his homework, without assistance from his mother or myself! Attending school was a major issue and was a reminder of his inability to complete a task. It didn’t help him to feel confident. He was getting “F’s” on his report card. Well all of that changed to a positive! My son Julian has had the privilege of attending Brain Boost Academy Programs! They were able to find the areas that needed to be corrected. He is now confident and more sure of himself, and going to school is complete joy! His new up-beat attitude is so rewarding to witness! He is now able to do his homework alone without assistance! His grade level alone has improved tremendously—his grades are now A,B, & a C+! As a parent, I am extremely ecstatic and overjoyed! The Staff are wonderful and beautiful people, with so much patience while they helped my son reach his potential and improve his learning abilities! I would recommend this program to any parent. The best investment you can make is with your child! Thank you!”
— Carlos Bonino

“My son…had been diagnosed with a learning disability in reading due to multiple ear infections as an infant…[they] made learning fun…and [they] involved all of his senses to teach him. As his reading skills improved so did his confidence. He is now in second grade and is on the honor roll…[The teachers] are warm and friendly and quite talented!”
— A. Sever


“I wanted all of you to know how happy we are that Angel had a chance to work with you guys! He has blossomed so much since coming to Brain Boost Academy! I want you all to know that we are very thankful that you helped our son overcome his fears and challenges. He feels really ready for school now, and his self-esteem has gotten so much better! Thank you again for EVERYTHING!” — Cecilia and Rolando Lopez

“Homework time was unpleasant in our house-it was arguing, not wanting to do [anything]. I wouldn’t wish it on anyone’s home! John felt comfortable from the beginning…we really appreciated the one-on-one experience that he got here! He’s now doing homework completely on his own- he doesn’t have to be asked to do it…it’s not a struggle, and it’s not an unpleasant experience like it use to be! His independence is REALLY WONDERFUL!”
— Julia Montecillo, Mother of John, age 12

“When my daughter, Gabrielle, was diagnosed with some auditory processing problems, we weren’t sure where to go. When I found Brain Boost Academy and contacted them about the programs they had, I discovered a wonderful group that was willing to help us—and filled us with great HOPE! They have a lot of programs that are aimed at assisting kids, like Gabby, overcome their particular problem…EVERYTHING about the process has been easy, and the hope that we have is INCREDIBLE!”
— Ann Marie Wood

“I’m very proud of Drake…I’ve seen a great improvement! His self-confidence is better…he carries himself with confidence, he looks people in the eye… I see a young man that is proud of himself!”
— Della Soderlund, Grandmother of a college student

“Since coming to Brain Boost Academy, our son’s attention, initiation, motivation, & organization have really improved! Homework is not as effortful and he enjoys school now. Math comes easier for him. He is not the class clown anymore and he fits in with the rest of the class! He has a greater appreciation for music and he enjoys dancing and singing more. He is not over-reacting to situations like he use to, and instead he is problem solving. He figures out what needs to be done!”
— Proud Father of a 5th Grader

“As a parent who had a child struggling with some issues, I think Brain Boost Academy is a wonderful resource in our community! They helped my son with his speech issues in a really fantastic way! It motivated him and resolved all of his issues!”
— Kathy Essen

“I’m seeing improvement in Sabrina overall! She’s more positive, more confident and laughs more. She is much more expressive! I believe this is the result of Samonas, [cognitive] tutoring, and positive reinforcement at home. Her level of awareness is definitely starting to improve… [and] she liked listening to the CDs! Best of all, she no longer qualifies for special ed. Resource in Jr. High School!”
— Mother of Sabrina, age 13

“Thank you so much for the wonderful work you did with Ashley! She loves coming to see all of you! She asks me all the time if she gets to go today. Ashley has made great strides in school which I attribute directly to the skills she learned through Brain Boost Academy…
With Love & Appreciation, — Karen Walsh” (Mother of a 3rd grader)

Student Testimonials…

“Last year I was the class clown, but this year, I’m studying more on tests. It’s easier to concentrate and focus more. I’ve noticed changes at my house, like not talking back, being nicer, and not yelling. I remember stuff on test notes, homework, and following directions at my house and school!”
— Matthew B., age 11

“Six months ago, the thought of writing a letter was a frightening one. A quick business note, or even a simple letter to a friend could send me procrastinating for days. At thirty-seven years old the last thing I needed to do was to learn to read and write all over again, or did I? Years of anxiety and frustration began to settle with a can-do attitude from [my coach]. My strengths and weakness soon become strategies. Every week was an improvement. My favorite magazines, which would take weeks to completely comprehend, were becoming quick reading. I even purchased a novel that I have [wanted] to read for years. Business notes and a friendly letter to a good friend bring no fear at all. I have back some freedom I thought was lost for good. It’s easy to get into a comfortable routine. I made a decision to get out. There is help and I am thankful for what Brain Boost Academy has brought to our community. Thank you!”
— David R.- 37 year old successful entrepreneur

“Ever since I started attending Brain Boost Academy I have noticed many different changes! One of these changes is my ability to retain information about stories I have read in great detail. The second thing I noticed is that I am able to pay more attention to my teachers in class and to directions given to me by supervisors at work…Overall, I think that this program has been very helpful…with just about everything! Before I came here to Brain Boost Academy, I wasn’t as confident in my schoolwork [or] in my work at home, and I wasn’t on top of things. But when working with the Coaches I noticed lots of changes…I’m on top of my chores more…school work is becoming easier…learning the material, listening and taking it in…everything has been a lot easier for me! I’ve noticed changes, my friends and family have noticed changes, [and] my overall experience here has been really good because it’s just a lot easier now for EVERYTHING!”
— Drake Steele, age 19, College Student