Grades and confidence improved after completing a cognitive program!

“Confidence was the last thing Mark was feeling when he first started coming to the Brain Boost Academy. His parents were extremely concerned because Mark was entering high school in the fall and he was still experiencing poor grades in school. I could tell Mark was concerned too, because he always appeared quiet, unsure of himself, and closed up.

Within a few months at Brain Boost Academy, Mark experienced success in our programs on a cognitive level. He was able to finish homework faster and more accurately. His parents shared that that his grades improved in every single class!

The success that Mark experienced in school showed on his smiling face and in his confident demeanor. His self-esteem improved greatly and he started initiating conversations and social interactions at school! The success and confidence Mark felt was just what he needed before entering high school!”

Shared by Coach Katelin (Therapeutic Learning Coach at TSALC)