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Learning Skills Assessment (includes graph report)

This information can be truly valuable since cognitive skills are the foundational and essential tools for learning.  Since weak cognitive skills make learning more difficult, it is important to determine what those weaknesses are.

We are one of the few learning centers that evaluate and remediate 8 key learning (processing) skills, which include:

•    Language processing
•    Working (short-term) memory
•    Long-term memory
•    Logic & reasoning
•    Auditory processing
•    Visual processing
•    Processing speed
•    Attention

Academic testing (such as is done at school) is wonderful in order to learn how much knowledge an individual has and how he uses that knowledge.  However, if he is struggling in academics, this type of testing does not help us to understand WHY his is struggling with attention, reading, writing, spelling, math or other content areas.

We are not looking to: “qualify” the individual for special programs (such as those in a school), to diagnose, or to determine IQ levels.  Our purpose for the assessment is to specifically PINPOINT AREAS OF WEAKNESS so that we can recommend an appropriate program (if applicable) to remediate the individual’s areas of weakness.

Just as a doctor wouldn’t do surgery without taking x-rays first, we don’t want to make recommendations until we REALLY know where the problems are.  We do not want to waste even one minute working on skills that the individual doesn’t need!

By evaluating the type and amount of weakness of the learning skills, we can determine a logical solution to address those areas.  Those areas are TARGETED and addressed in a way that leads to PERMANENT CHANGES and correction of the weak areas.  Once the learning skills are strong, learning is easier, attention improves, and confidence skyrockets.  We see this over and over again!

Communication Skills Assessment

Our Communication Skills Assessment is individualized depending upon concerns of the parent, student, physician, therapist and/or teacher.

We are happy to answer your specific questions, and to guide you, as related to your situation and your child.

•    Optional report option available
•    Speech
•    Language
•    Pragmatic Skills
•    Learning Skills

Motor Skills and Primitive Reflex Assessment


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